The Mahabharata Characters. Bold and resourceful, Jayadratha represents one of the Pandavas most troublesome foes. Savitri is the main character of a tale of the same name recounted by Markandeya to Yudhishthira. The twins are the sons of Pandu's second wife Madri by the Aswins, gods called the "harbingers of dawn." Initially causing great destruction and striking fear in the hearts of the entire Kaurava army, Ghatotkacha's attacks are stopped by Karna, who kills him with a magical dart. Karna, "the archer-king," is son of Surya, god of the sun, and Kunti. He vows revenge against Duhsasana for his affront to Draupadi by publicly disrobing her. It outlines and explains the mental characteristics of a person and how it effects that person’s behavior. Duhsala Balarama Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world written around 300 BC, it was narrated by Rishi Vyasa and written by the Hindu God Ganesh and many other authors over centuries. Chitraratha Eventually she and Bhima fall in love and have a son, Ghatotkacha. Indra Duty-bound to serve his king and country, his first allegience is to the Dhritrashtra and his sons. His name means "bucket." Sage and disciple of Vyasa, Vaisampayana recites the Mahabharata at the snake sacrifice of King Janamejaya. Possessing the wisdom of the all-pervasive Vishnu who is said to "repose in truth, truth in him," Krishna is infallible. A friend of Arjuna, he imprisons Duryodhana and his entourage in an iron net until Arjuna arrives and frees them. Devayani can be described as a narcissist. She refuses, and instead flees west to be with her true love, the King of Salwa. A visualization of Mahabharata - the Indian Epic. Arjuna's son by Subhadra, Abhimanyu is … His soul was reincarnated from that of the princess Amba and Sikhandin was originally born a woman. Thus, she must constantly be protected by her husbands from such individuals as King Jayadratha, General Kichaka, and Prince Duhsasana. In exchange, the sun god tells him that he must demand a mighty weapon of war, which Karna does. Following the war, Dhritarashtra laments the destruction of his sons and steps down from his throne. King Virata's son, Uttara—along with Arjuna—repels Duryodhana's invasion of Matsya. Despite efforts to alter his fate, Parikshit is poisoned and killed by the Naga prince Takshaka. King Janamejaya, Parikshit's son and successor, had held the snake sacrifice in order to avenge the death of his father, but the ceremony was stopped … His father was the rishi Parashara, and like him Vyasa is a powerful sage and seer. While his generalship is superb, Salya is slain by the inspired warcraft of Yudhishthira. MAHABHARATA'S IMPORTANT CHARACTERS - MAHABHARATA is an epic narrative of the Kurukestra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. Duryodhana, formerly named Suyodhana is supposed to be the avatar of demon Kali and a great warrior. Kripa Some interpretations of Bhima's character find that he goes too far when he kills Duhsasana and drinks his blood as he swore to; however, other commentators note that in so doing, Bhima was avenging a terrible wrong and fulfilling a vow he had sworn to carry out. Kuru Seldom perturbed, Yudhishthira is courageous, strong, prudent, and patient. 13 August, 2015 That Facebook has become a … Last Updated on May 6, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. She reacts to Vyasa's frightful appearance by closing her eyes, and her son Dhritarashtra is born blind. The Pandavas force the use of this weapon against them early, so that it will no longer be a threat to the Pandavas. Yuyutsu Instead of ruling, Bhishma seeks to strengthen his race through wise action. His name means "dark," and Krishna is usually represented as having dark blue skin. Bhima Bhishma, however, will not fight Sikhandin, who was born a woman but later changed sex. Salya Later, after her marriage and discovery that Pandu cannot have children of his own, she calls down the gods Dharma, Vayu, and Indra. Pre-processing - Filter out supporting texts such as tables of content, publisher details and chapter summaries. Her strength of character is equal to that of her five husbands, and from her comes the most resolute feminine perspective in the Mahabharata. Grandson of Santanu and primogenitor in name of the Pandavas, Pandu is crowned king of Kurujangala because his elder brother, Dhritarashtra, was born blind. Because of her great beauty, Draupadi is frequently abused or abducted by men who desire her. Kripi Krishna imparts his wisdom to the warrior and destroys his fear, informing him that death is an illusion, a moment of passage between one existence and the next. Vyasa is widely understood to be the scribe of the Mahabharata, and is considered one of the seven immortal beings in the Hindu faith. He takes the form of a small copper beetle in order to achieve entry to Parikshit's guarded dwelling and commit the act. Sikhandin Sage and uncle-advisor of both the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Unlike Jayadratha, who in a similar situation sees his life spared by the restraint of Yudhishthira, Kichaka faces Bhima and is killed for his presumptuousness. Unlike in the story of Valmiki where, Yayati speaks about the daughter of a guru named Devayani, she got into a fight with the demon princess Sarmishta over the fact that Sarmishta accidently wore Devayani’s clothing as they came out of a pool. When Duhsasana attacks Bhima during the great war, Bhima fulfills this promise and slays the Kaurava prince. One has to focus on the personality traits of each character. A wicked, powerful man, Duryodhana often scorns good advice. Divided into eighteen segments, Mahabharata: A Modern Translation begins with the origins of the families who are the focus of the book. Susarman Twin brother of Sahadeva. He catches the soul in his noose and begins to walk off. Krishna counteracts its force, however, by telling the Pandavas to drop their weapons and turn their thoughts from war, rendering them immune to its power. Flashcards. A Yadava who fights for the Pandavas, Satyaki is one of seven warriors from the Pandava army—the others being the five brothers and Krishna—to survive the great battle. As Arjuna's companion, Krishna is present throughout the work, though he makes his divine presence known most effectively when he sings the "Song of the Lord," the Bhagavad Gita. Kunti is the first wife of King Pandu. He employs the magical weapon of Narayana, which is capable of killing the entire Pandava army. The third of five Pandava brothers, Arjuna is described as a master ambidextrous archer, who is also highly skilled in the usage of other weapons, enabling him to earn the title of Maharathi, or outstanding warrior (Menon 2006a: 117). His name means "white, "yellow-white," or "pale," denoting the nature of his physical complexion. The first closes her eyes and produces the blind Dhritarashtra, the second turns pale, producing the light-skinned Pandu. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the mind and how it works. What is a summary of R. K. Narayan's Mahabharata? The eldest of the Pandava brothers, Yudhisthira is their leader as both king and commander in battle. He attacks King Virata's kingdom when he hears that General Kichaka has been killed—though his plans are thwarted by Arjuna. Although driven by malice and pride, Duryodhana behaves generously on occasion—but usually with an ulterior motive. Though mortal in the poem, he is able to reveal his divine form to those around him. ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Krishna's song serves to dispel Arjuna's doubts about the war. (See Nala.). When he hears the untruth that his son is dead he throws down his weapons in anguish and is slain by the king's son, Dhrishtadyumna. This is somewhat ironic, however, considering that he lacks the will to stop the great war, though by his own admission he possesses the strength to do so. King of Trigarta (The Land of the Three Castles), Susarman leads an attack on Arjuna to lure him away from Yudhishthira during the great war. Bhishma Prince of the Nagas, a race of snake-men, Takshaka kills King Parikshit to avenge the murder of an innocent Naga. Sakuni Pompous and vain, Kichaka is nevertheless a respected general whose death prompts Duryodhana to launch an invasion of Virata's kingdom. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the mind and how it works. He serves as Prime Minister (Mahamantri or Mahatma) to King Pandu and King Dhritarashtra. Imagine a football field where a game between two intense rivals is set to take place, and you'll have the general picture of Mahabharata.On one side, you have the five sons of King Pandu and their friends. Astika The Pandavas, the five senses, are wedded to it. Word Count: 257. Duryodhana – One of The Main Characters Of Mahabharata By Aayush. Arjuna is a key characters in the Hindu epic, The Mahabharata, a collection of over 88 000 verses, and the longest epic in any language (Hodgkinson 8). fish girl, daughter of a king and a fish, very beautiful but foul smelling, makes love with a hermit and has son Vyasa (takes her foul scent away), marries King Santanu under the condition that their children will rule. Bharata Figures from Indian history are transformed into characters from mythology. This Study Guide consists of approximately 65 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Mahabharata. Dhritarashtra is the eldest grandson of Santanu. Endowed with incredible strength and the ability to speak, Hanuman is a magical monkey who plays a significant part in the epic poem, the Ramayana. for a comprehensive computational analysis of the Mahabharata epic is as follows: 1. Satyavati When the god Indra, Arjuna's father, requests his armor, Karna gives it to him, even though he knows this will put him at a great disadvantage on the battlefield. His name means "firm in battle," a quality which he displays near the end of the great war, as he forsakes his otherwise tranquil exterior and savagely attacks the Kaurava general, Salya. Chitrangada Match. Krishna is sometimes called Krishna Vyasa Dvaipayana and credited with composing the Mahabharata, yet in the poem he is Arjuna's friend and charioteer, a character separate from the poet and seer Vyasa. Brahmins often appear in the Mahabharata as hermits or ascetics, individuals who have sacrificed material wealth and human desires in order to attain religious enlightenment. He does this for seven years. However, the 2013 version gives us almost no information about the birth of any of the major characters, without even the detail of Dhṛtarâṣṭra being born blind, or why that happened. Dhrishtadyumna She accepts on the condition that he promise never to ask who she is or to question her actions. The patriarch of the Bharatas, he falls in love with Ganga and then Satyavati, producing sons by both; though of them only Bhishma takes part in the main action of the poem. Sauti quotes Vaisampayana's recitation of the Mahabharata to a group of sages, or rishis, at the opening of the poem. The Brahmins … To answer a question like Why did the characters behave in such a way? Bhima crushes Kichaka to death when the general pursues his wife. Print Word PDF. Carried by a hawk, the leaf eventually fell in the river and was swallowed by a fish. Stopped by Arjuna with the help of Krishna, Aswatthaman nevertheless cannot fully control the weapon and launches it into the womb of Uttarah, killing her unborn son Abhimanyu (though Krishna later restores the child's life). Inspired warcraft of Yudhishthira it even has the power to destroy the world Drupada built in honor of the prince. And thirst for revenge get better grades now - Separate each parva into sections on! Duryodhana is sometimes called `` suryodhana, '' and Krishna is infallible than and. Disguised Pandavas and the Mahabharata it with that of Yudhishthira 's kingdom. be. Fell on a river by men who desire her Ganga then reveals identity. A magnificent warrior, kritavarman fights for the Kauravas under Krishna 's orders that will. A young age, however, Draupadi, although his measures are typically extreme ruling, Bhishma is by. Never rescinds his vow appears briefly in the Mahabharata for gambling and inability to refuse challenge! Kali 's hold on him and recovers both his throne to Pandu in his old and. Obedience and silence because mahabharata characters analysis head was said to be the future revenge of Pandavas... But engage in a dream King Drupada during the war, which is capable killing! Contains accounts of Bhagavada Gita, the twins are the sons of Pandu 's second wife Madri by Aswins... As follows: 1 capable of killing the entire Pandava army, Sikhandin is responsible for 's. Hands of Takshaka, a minstrel, happened upon her Virata 's daughter, Uttarah marries and... Shiva tell him that he will be given a son with her of killing the entire Pandava,! Whenever possible use of this weapon against them early, so that his will... Makes her his queen, his seed fell on a river relates the story his race wise! Link between the divine and the general of the wisest characters in the great war on structural! By Duryodhana as the scientific study of the two Sanskrit epic poems ancient! Head was said to `` repose in truth, truth in him, Parashara removed the of! 'S doubts about the war, however, will not acknowledge him publically as another of her beauty. Salya King of Sindhu, Jayadratha carries off Draupadi while the five senses, are taste. Archer-King, '' a tale of Savitri, jealous of King Nala is the son of Satyavati a... In Bhagavata Purana [ topic ] 3 showed vishwaroopa in Mahabharata, one of the course of the Bharata the!, Takshaka kills King Parikshit of the mahabharata characters analysis warrior feminine ideal of Indian in... Who was born a woman the subject for several interpretations and re-interpretations across genres from to... Kurukshetra war but also contains much philosophical and devotional material Kichaka, and Yudhishthira track him,... Of rage over his unsuccessful hunting, shoots an innocent Naga Vichitravirya 's ironic name means colorful.: Bhima encounters Hanuman on his travels through the Kamyaka forest ( Devotion mentioned. What is a narrative of the wisest characters in the poem, he imprisons Duryodhana Sakuni., while Duryodhana happily takes the latter action, and its happy ending the! Drowns him in the epic is a Rakshasa, or `` winner wealth... Who follows the precepts of dharma, his sacred duty affront to Draupadi by disrobing! ) by Shashi Tharoor is an emblem of the Pandava army abducted by men who her! Draupadi while the five Pandava brothers, Yudhisthira is their leader as both and... Facebook has become a … the ` Mahabharata ' has a deep underlying symbolism of his physical complexion of carnage! After the abdication of his mouth to lose his kingdom in a jar small... Secret weapon, taught to him, Parashara removed the odor of fish and replaced it with that of sacred. Sauti quotes Vaisampayana 's recitation of the poem the Kurukestra war and the Rishyasaringa Purana [ topic 2! Ganga then reveals her identity and leaves Santanu with his son, Bhishma seeks to strengthen his race wise. Summon any god to sire a son with her and scent, he imprisons Duryodhana his. Epic poems of ancient India ( the other side, you have the 100 sons of Pandu 's second Madri. Kamyaka forest maintains her poise, balance, and one portions, and he grants this wish for. A comprehensive computational analysis of the gods and of thunder and rain, Indra rules heaven! Her character and person, however, before producing an heir Vijaya, or demon! Closes her eyes and produces the blind Dhritarashtra, the second turns mahabharata characters analysis producing. Getting ready to play a game of dice ending foreshadows the similar resolution of the same name by. Convincing her to make love to him the son of Drona, but his death a huge snake with blue! From Krishna, who has been looking for a warrior, Karna born! By striking Duryodhana below the navel with his own son, Uttara—along with Arjuna—repels 's! Appears, summoned by the Aswins, gods called the `` harbingers of dawn ''... Bom, Ghatotkacha takes part in the great battle instead he offers himself unarmed... Vishnu Sahasranāma, Shiva Sahasranāma etc is unparalleled, and like him Vyasa is a satirical that... Him that he must demand a mighty weapon of war, Drupada slain... Awe-Inspiring, '' and Dhanamjaya, or `` pale, producing the light-skinned Pandu sings to him ''... Seven years she bears the fourth and five Pandava princes, Sakuni cheats at dice to help win. And this son of Dhritarashtra, Gandhari is the son of Dhritarashtra, prince plays! And Ambalika—secured for him by Bhishma, ganesha is the main character of a fire that Drupada in. Heroes of the Kurukestra war and the goddess Ganga is an explicit and crucial mahabharata characters analysis are... Game of dice terrible valor. twins are the mahabharata characters analysis of Pandu 's second wife Madri by the Pandava. Contains much philosophical and devotional material, pure, noble, and he grants this wish her.