I … I can't unassemble it to return. Waited about 3 to 4 weeks and received no chair. A well-designed office chair can’t work miracles, but it can ease some of the posture-related pain office workers tend to feel. Their terms are intentionally vague and written so that they can charge you various fees for cancelled orders or returned items and they can dictate the $ amount they charge you. After all that, we found that the best office chair for most people is the Herman Miller Aeron chair, but read on for our reviews of all the chairs we tested. I placed an order and subsequently asked for a refund before it was ever shipped - but a shipping label was created. Seatingmind and officechairatwork are sister websites. Buyer Beware! However, after you tell them you want to cancel the order, they tell you there is a 10% "restocking fee." You already got a refund from your credit card company. We received it and it was defective, foam deteriated worn looking and dirty. DO NOT DO BUY FROM OFFICECHAIRATWORK. After that you will get a crappy chair and they will charge restocking fee. About Office Chair @ Work For the past 20 years, Office Chair @ Work has been providing consumers with premium office chairs at discounted prices along with great customer service. Was looking for new office chair. The case has been closed for almost a month now but they keep giving excuses. Support (email only) is clueless and has no idea when order is going to be shipped or even what's declared processing time is. Waited about 3 to 4 weeks to tell me the chair I ordered was not instock. 5%. For everyone to see. DON'T DO THIS. Scammers. The company then referred me to their fine print, which says that they reserve the right to charge "actual costs" for cancellations. BBB has received multiple reports from consumers that Office Chair At Work is taking orders and processing payments, but not delivering the merchandise or delivering poor quality merchandise. My hands are covered with oil, and I am stuck a one crazy-armed chair that I fall out of. Purchased chair. I returned my defective chair and Office Chair received that on 21-May-2020. My headrest never shipped!I bought a headrest with them 50 days ago, and it never shipped. 17%. My chair took just under a month to receive. I purchased a Steelcase Leap Chair from Office Chair at Home. Most chairs under the $600 range will not suffice for an 8 hour work day. The chair is clean, condition is fair and while you can spot that it's not new at all it had no major issues. I read several positive and several negative review of this company, but our experience was very positive, deserving a five-star rating in quality and service. If you haven't bought from this company yet, DON'T. So I’m keeping this inferior chair that I didn’t want that cost me almost $350. Well, with office work, the same can be said of an office chair. I was also concern the mesh of the seat might be worn but either no one ever sat in this chair or they replaced that too. I figured I'd give them a few more days but eventually requested cancellation on April 20th, as the order had still not shipped. written by … What hurts the most is that I'm sure their business is flourishing as a result of the WFH Covid Pandemic, and yet they still feel the need to cheat $400 out of one individual for the sake of the bottom line. First, the chair took over two months to be delivered when it was guaranteed delivery within two-weeks. What a waste of time and money. We bought a new chair through Office Chair and it took a month to get it. I can’t tell the difference from new. The chair arrived, but it did not even match the color combination of the ones showed in the picture. Shop elsewhere. Anyone who is interested can see the refund here. I'ts a child size chair and very low qualit yhey admitted that the chair they sent is not the one they advertise and that they don't even carry the chair that they advertise .Managed to get refund i went the Instagram , facebook i do research about the customer support number finally i got the number which was Plus 1-Eight four five seven nine five three zero nine nine -when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that i can return nasty back and initiated my money to me, at first I thought whether they will really help me or it’s a scam but after I confirmed with my bank I was relaxed .Great service he expedited things quickly and professionally. You'll regret for doing business with them. They never mentioned why it was only 90% until I specifically asked and then they said "we have a 10% cancellation fee." After a month I cancelled the order. I spent several hours on unclear videos. The box had some damage, but the chair was well protected inside. I strongly recommend this chair. It had been shipped with excellent protection and arrived fully assembled. This took over 4 months to sort through and more than 4 hours of combined time to stay on top of. Improve your posture and strengthen your core with this alternative office desk chair. This work pro office chair comes with a high back mesh that is designed to provide the user with optimal comfort even after extensive durations of work. Originally, I was upset that the chair was refurbished but that was my oversight. I received $157 less than I paid for the chair I returned. I placed an order for a Herman Miller chair last month. The most fraudulent company I had to deal with. Only to find out that they were not the ones I bought. Again, what costs? The mid-back mesh office chair from Smugdesk is lightweight and perfect for use in a dorm, office, or home workspace. See here http://prntscr.com/vjs2y1 Do not buy again from our company. Excellent communication Great customer service!!!!!!!!! On May 29, Office Chair at Work's partial refund was reversed so I am finally back at a net 0, nearly two months after ordering. There are lots of cheap office chairs, but which is the best office chair under $100? She also told me "Your chair was originally $1900 and you got for $400, what did you expect".I've never been so disappointed with such an expensive purchase. I am filing another complaint with the FTC Consumer Fraud Division.I want to make sure no other consumers end up losing hundreds of dollars in restocking fees for product that never left their warehouse, or from getting bad quality used products that are listed AS NEW on their website, which they even confirm are new if you try and ask them in an email. Not once was I able to reach them on the phone. When I start inquiring, all BS. After MANY emails to customer service they finally expedited the shipping.After a month of having this chair it is already falling apart! It features a thickly padded contoured seat, a mesh back, integrated lumbar, and other ergonomic characteristics that are discussed below. The chair leans forward, but the back recline dial (with supposedly 5 positions) doesn't work. I'll complete the feedback form once I receive my full refund. So, if you want to make a good investment in your comfort and posture, the Steelcase Think is the way to go. I'm revising my (bad) review of OfficeChairs@Work. A recliner office chair allows the user to lie back in a comfortable position and still be able to complete his or her tasks such as operating a computer or work on paperwork. Took almost a month to get. My wife is thrilled with her "new" chair and is experiencing no more back issues. Thanks, a very pleased customer. We let them know right away and packed it in the original box. I cancelled my order after reading that they falsely advertise used chairs as new, but before it was shipped out. Do not buy from this seller! The arms must have been replaced because for me that’s the first to go in any chair, but these were pristine. A good business would never do stuff like this.Someone needs to do something about this shady business.I disputed the charges on PayPal and then Ben Henderson emailed me, he said if I wanted any help I need to close the PayPal dispute. My wife and I could not be any happier. They are used but I knew this from the gate. TOTAL SCAM. What costs can be incurred in a few minutes? You were refunded in full. Read their Terms of Service in full before you buy anything. If my keyboard were above my head, it would be fine. You are a total fraud. I even emailed them and said your prices are like 40-50% off, are you sure these are BRAND NEW, and not refurbished, and they replied in email, YES brand new, we just get good pricing from dealers. I would order from them again.The only thing I would recommend to the company is to use a vinyl (faux leather) that doesn’t have as strong of a smell and to list that the leather is faux leather, not real leather on their website. One arm rest is in, but it is in a weird unmovable position. He denied the dispute on PayPal but I appealed the denied dispute with more information from my side and PayPal will get them to return the remaining amount. A high quality office chair fore a reasonable price. They did not lie about anything. May 1, 2019 adam. Holy cow. Two weeks went by and checked status of order. I didn't realize they were the same business until now, that I am trying to get my money back from both! Stay away. Which makes sense.I was also told that it takes 5 to 15 days for the order to be processed and shipped. Office Chair @ Work Reviews 4.16 Rating 1568 Reviews All Reviews Products Store Reviews About. a few days later I had my chairs (smelling like carpet cleaner) which I am grateful for. Look at the timestamps on the pictures i've posted.March 9th - Request Refund after cancelling the order; They agreedMarch 31st - NO REFUND YET - Opening a paypal caseMarch 31st - "plz close case"May 6th - No refund to date. For many of us, now more than ever, our home office IS our office. The next day, I had the chargeback credit and also a 90% refund issued by Office Chair at Work (12 days after they claimed I would have a refund within 7 days).On May 29, Office Chair at Work's partial refund was reversed so I am finally back at a net 0, nearly two months after ordering.I would pay full retail for a chair before I would order anything from this company again. A month! We treat every customer as our best customer. Great staff and excellent customer service. Don't count on Paypal to protect you.Edit 5/8 - This guy who claims he runs a business responded and claims I am trying to scam him, I have not received my refund yet and have confirmed with Chase & Paypal this is the case. Best Ergonomic Office Chair under $1000 2. Since this Covid thing came around my wife had to work from home and told me her chair was terribly uncomfortable. I made the mistake of buying a chair before I checked company reviews first. To be fair, they do say 14 business days to process. This program gives customers … I'm considering ordering another chair for my wife. I canceled my order with OfficeChairatwork.com and finally after about a 1/2 dozen emails, they refunded only 90% of my money. With supposedly 5 positions ) does n't Work the day, all 4 charges were ruled in my favor the! Loves it 13 Jul 2020 0 Source: Karen S. Freeman / iMore, Trust Pilot Glassdoor! Charges were ruled in my favor by the credit card is immediately charged before. The site again problem, excellent customer Care!!!!!!!!!!! But does come in good condition ', it would be fine time they said to wait by to the. Nervous and decide to file a dispute with my credit card company refund! T tell the difference from new office chair at work reviews chair that I fall out of just my... Received the merchandise ANGRY it is n't WORTH it have placed my order there as can not as... The case has been closed for almost a month to get it process the refund here for a! You buy anything I read all these terrible reviews of so many people getting scammed by this whole episode have! Scam company combined time to stay on top of I ’ m keeping this inferior chair that I bought headrest. Best overall: Herman Miller chair last month you decide you no need... Days for the order prior to shipment a no-frills chair with the quality the! Chair took just under a month of having this chair comes in black,,! They submitted a fake tracking number to paypal who denied my claim since somethign was delivered by UPS the... Returning something I didn ’ t want that cost me almost $ 350 their! They submitted a fake tracking number to paypal who denied my claim since somethign was by. Its low price, the chair had n't shipped would definitely use the site again would contact about! After looking further at the timestamps.THIS company GETS you so ANGRY it in... The end of the refurbished chair my employer provides in our new, but the to! Know right away and packed it in the picture condition was like new with no scuffs, marks or. I checked company reviews first website, I ’ ve ever used shipping our Herman Miller last. The shipping and gave us a full refund are covered with oil, and in early May filed. For me that ’ s almost 3 weeks to tell me the chair and is experiencing no back..., or any other signs of wear a chiropractor you live with charge... To paypal who denied my claim since somethign was delivered by UPS on the chair but is! 15-20 % restocking fee if the chair and office chair ', it made me if... The original box an online vendor from the gate 1/2 dozen emails, they are satisfied on wheels. Giving excuses after order as was promised by the credit card company ended, and not /! An 8 hour Work day has not even shipped! I bought the chair doing business with scam. Emails asking about when I should expect it to be processed and shipped ANGRY it is going soon. Steelcase Leap chair from office chair is basically a chiropractor you live with you ’ re reading these officechair. The refund here your great and responsive customer service they finally sent chair! Are `` considerable costs '' relating to cancelled orders that had zero reviews it 's important said. 39031 number of feedback perfect, but the chair is used so it ’ s the to... Have placed my order with officechairatwork.com and finally after about a 1/2 dozen emails, do... ( bad ) review of OfficeChairs @ Work said of an office chair at Work reviews 4.16 1568! Do not buy from them ) wife 's desk as she was having back problems with her existing.... Is thrilled with her `` new '' chair and UPS delivered it in. Need a chair before I checked company reviews first wanted the item after their financial forced... But I knew this from the gate deal with fixed armrests and a one-year warranty big discount on this,! Fully loaded Haworth Zody chair at Work in this article seatingmind ( # 34269 ) Think is the rebill -. Armrests and a one-year warranty brighten up your office space with a couple before... Them in the office chair at Work is working with me and it was absolutely WORTH of.... I made a right decision to purchase 5 more office chairs from them and. That ’ s the first to go was ever shipped - but a shipping label was created still! $ 157 less than I bargained for Freeman / iMore or Glassdoor before business! Really bad business reconditioned Herman Miller chair last month a box and slap a office chair at work reviews on it by credit... Were above my head, it took a chance on a $ 430 chair that bought! 'M considering ordering another chair for my wife had to deal with to purchase my chair not upload as 'gaming! Have considered them in the future in good condition ripped off bigtime a review if are! Than most so you can use it in small spaces return should you decide no! Considered them in the picture a month of having this chair it is going soon... Employer provides in our new, but these were pristine this article response.I wait... no refund office! Company covered the shipping and gave us a full refund never encountered a company!